Michael Pizzi Wellness

Michael Pizzi:

Wellness Lifestyle Coach & Occupational Therapist

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Well, what is it and why do I need it?

How much is it worth to you to be able to change what you do and get what you want within 3 sessions? Different than any counseling, Coaching is a specific and goal directed approach to identifying areas of your life and health; working on goals you may have and working towards them to empower you to get there quickly and efficiently.

What do you mean, Specific and Goal Directed?

Do you diet? Do things to reduce stress? Try to get your point across but constantly people don't get it? Or do those you love, including your children, have problems with work, or socializing or getting things done? All these areas and more need a coach to support your vision of becoming the best you possible.

Perfect example: Dieting or losing some weight. A gym membership cost $60/month, special foods or diets another $30-40 per week! That is more than $200 per month already, not to mention YOU feeling alone in your quest to lose that extra weight. Michael's wellness coaching will be less expensive AND you will lost the weight you wish to lose as well as keep it off! The coach is your "go to" person when the urge to slip back into those nasty habits hit!

What Michael Will Do For You:

Evaluate what your goal might be in a specific area of your life (8 areas are evaluated)

Example: Lose 15 pounds is your stated goal. Michael will:

  • Evaluate the barriers to losing that weight (stress, extra obligations, time, not eating right, depressed/mood, eat and run habits, etc.)
  • Explore the right way that FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE to empower you to goal achievement
  • Be available by phone, email, face to face meetings at least once a week to insure the goal is being worked on routinely (can be done 1:1 or with your friends as a social support system)

And all for around $200 per month
(not counting the initial evaluation which is normally $125)

THE PROMISE: Evidence that your goal is being achieved within 3 sessions! If not the fourth is free!!! Call or Email now for a free 30 minute discussion to see if Wellness Lifestyle Coaching is for you... it can only improve the quality of your life and those around you!